West Palm Beach Accountant

Benham, Miller & Harris offers a wide range of both business and personal accounting services to clients in the West Palm Beach area. Our affordable accounting services help you with everything from protecting your assets to helping you make sure you’re making the best use of them.

Some of the many services we offer in West Palm Beach include:


Need help setting up Quickbooks for your small business? Or maybe just reconciling your bank accounts periodically? It can be hard for a small business owner to make time for these bookkeeping tasks, but they’re too important to skip -- so let us take care of your bookkeeping or help you set it up so it’s easier to do.


Do you need to generate a balance sheet or income statement in order to apply for credit or a loan? We can create those important financial reporting documents for you. And we can help clean up your general ledger so you have a better idea of where and how any discrepancies are occurring.

Payroll Processing

Payroll is so necessary, but so time-consuming when you’re trying to run a business. Outsource your payroll processing and payroll tax filing to our professional accounting team, and you can be sure that all your payroll functions will be performed accurately and on time.

Personal Tax Returns

Preparing your own tax returns is a yearly chore you can probably do without. We can handle your personal tax return, find ways to lessen your risk of an audit, and offer suggestions about how you might want to change your withholding.

Entity Selection and Set up

Planning to open a new business or start a nonprofit? We can help you at this crucial stage to choose the right entity type for your needs and set up your new business -- including filing for state and local permits and licenses, applying for a Federal Employer Identification Number, and taking care of any other paperwork that needs to be completed.

Partnership Tax Returns

A partnership can be a tricky business around tax time. Let us help you with your partnership’s tax return so you don’t end up paying (or owing) more than you should.

Estate Planning

Proper estate planning saves your family a lot of heartache and confusion -- as well as a lot of money. From straightforward wills, trusts and powers of attorney to trickier situations, we’ll help you find the right solution for your family.

Estate Taxes

You’ve worked hard for your money, and we can help you make sure your family gets to keep more of it. Our tax saving strategies help reduce the amount of taxes owed on your estate.

Business Planning

We can assist you with any and all of your business planning needs, including helping you determine your business insurance needs, helping you choose accounting software, guiding you through establishing a cash flow budget, ensuring that you comply with employment laws, and more.

Tax Planning

Tax laws are complicated, whether you’re filing as a business or an individual! When you let us help with your tax planning, you’ll end up paying the lowest amount of taxes allowable by law.

Benham, Miller & Harris is the West Palm Beach accounting firm that can help you make the most of your money, preserve more of your assets, and help minimize your contact with the IRS. Call us today to find out more about any of our personal or business accounting or tax planning services.

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